SupCo Story

How it all started…

Jakob was first introduced to SUP in his very early days, we could say he was on the water before he could walk. And of course, he wanted to paddle. Our first problem started right there - where to find a children’s SUP, a board small enough he could handle? Well, we didn’t find it. So we made our own! We sent our measurements to the factory and Jakob got his first board in the late autumn. Never mind the cold weather, we had to test it in the sea and in a small spring in our home town Kranjska Gora. When they saw us, a lot of parents asked me about his board and where we got it. The interest was there, but the offer wasn’t. So came the idea of making our very own brand of SUP boards, smaller and with cute children designs.

Supco Nina Valant

And now we are here… I wouldn’t dare dream of it half a year ago, but today we are enjoying our summer vacation on our very own boards, made just the way we like them and we are sure your children will enjoy them, too!

When the decision to make our own SUP boards came, we had two priorities on top of our minds - quality and how to make the prints appealing to kids. We were brainstorming, drawing and discussing ideas… Thank you, Jakob, Grega, Meta and Tomaž. We were changing the details and colors, adding and taking away, erasing and then drawing again. And then came the day, when we ordered our ‘’last test’’ board. Jakob was in charge of picking the design, so the Pirate will always be ‘’our first SUP love’’.

When we made sure everything was the way we wanted it to be, we finally placed an order and then impatiently waited for the day of their arrival. And now they’re here and you can finally order your own SupCo! Yes, they are really here, made by our wishes and designs, even more beautiful in real life than what I hoped for them to be. 

Hawaiian girl, Pirate, Mermaid Surfer Boy and Beach Boss can now be yours, too.

I’d like to thank everyone who helped me with this project in any way..I love you all so much!

Let this be the best summer ever and let the water shenanigans begin!

>>My first wave<<